Environmental Support Services

Ram offers turnkey solutions to manage our client’s environmental needs; from a small fuel spill to a large release of bulk hazardous materials. Ram’s professional team of responders can mitigate or minimize the impacts of a release and seamlessly transition from the emergency response into the remediation phase.

Site Remediation

Environmental remediation is an intricate process, our team has many years of practical experience in remediation, backed by the industry-specific knowledge necessary to handle even the most difficult sites.

  • On-site Treatment Methods
  • Bio Remediation
  • Excavation and Segregation
  • Off-site Disposal
  • Soil Screening
  • Backfill Supply
  • Erosion Control
  • Storm Water Management
  • Installation of Clay and Synthetic Liners

Wildlife monitoring

With all the permits required to handle, relocate wildlife (if permitted), Ram is authorized to intervene with wildlife. With over 30 years of experience with Wildlife interface, Ram is able to identify when birds or animals are sick or injured, if their habitat are adequate or if the work carried out close conflict with their activity. In constant collaboration with the Ministry of Wildlife, Ram develops wildlife monitoring programs focused on compliance with laws and regulations, on animal welfare and the mitigation of human activities and wildlife.

  • Live trapping
  • Wildlife Plan writing
  • Relocation (When required)
  • Dangerous wildlife interface trained

Response Plan Development

Emergency Response Assistance Plan (ERAP)

Transport Canada Regulations require all shippers of certain dangerous goods shipped in specific quantities by road, rail, marine or air to submit an ERAP for approval, we assist our clients who transport the following products with developing a plan to be submitted for approval with federal transport regulators.

Spill contingency planning

Ram can meet all your spill contingency planning needs we are in the business of emergency management. Our staff have over 35 years’ experience in the spill response industry. In Canada, spill contingency plans are required for transport of dangerous goods by road in British Columbia. Whether or not your company has facilities in BC, if you transport through BC you require a spill contingency plan.

  • Dangerous Goods response plans
  • Emergency response planning
  • Spill Plans
  • High Hazard Response Plans
  • Waste Disposal plan


With Ram's members and partners, we have multiple NFPA 1041 Fire Service Instructors and offer various safety training courses to our clients.

  • NFPA 472 Hazardous Materials Awareness and Operations
  • H2S Alive/Confined space/Fall arrest
  • NFPA 1500 Blood Borne pathogen safety
  • RT 130 Wildfire safety refresher
  • S-190 Introduction to wildfire modules
  • NFPA 1500 Hazmat spill control/ Prevention
  • HAZWOPER awareness training
  • First Aid/CPR
  • Flagging
  • ICS 100,200,300
  • Drills, Table tops and full scale operational exercises

Our Partner

Paytah Services Inc offers the highest quality Health and Safety Services lead by a Canadian Registered Safety Professional. We provide a full range of Health and Safety consulting services for a wide variety of industries. Our primary mission is to protect our clients by delivering consistent, timely and quality results.
  • Development and Management of Health and Safety Management Systems
  • External Auditing for Energy Safety Canada, Alberta Association of Safety Partnerships, Alberta Municipal Health & Safety Association, Alberta Construction Safety Association and Continuing Care Safety Association
  • Pre-Audit Safety Program Preparation
  • Develop a Competency-based training program
  • Procedure Development and Implementation
  • Provide Technical Safety Support to fixed and field locations
  • Manage WCB Claims and Coordinate Modified Work
  • Maintain Databases with HSE Information
  • Statistical Analysis and Trending
  • Development and Management of Health and Safety Management Systems
  • Training and Orientation Program Development