Emergency Services

We can deploy our specialized high hazard response teams to contain and mitigate any incidents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. From a small fuel spill to a large release of bulk hazardous materials. Ram’s professional team of responders can mitigate or minimize the impacts of a release and seamlessly transition from the emergency response into the remediation phase.

Highway Emergencies

Our specialized equipment includes hazardous materials response trucks and trailers, vacuum trucks, specialized high hazard transfer equipment, flaring equipment, industrial firefighting equipment, environmental monitoring equipment, temporary storage and containment systems.
  • Soil and ground water removal
  • Site remediation
  • Vacuum and transfer operations
  • Fire response and rescue
  • Hazmat response
  • Oil spill response
  • Bio hazard response

Railway Emergencies

Ram offers a team of experts and cost-effective response tactics, recovery and remediation services to some of the nation’s largest rail companies including both Class 1, short line and regional railroads.

  • Training
  • Remediation
  • Vacuum and transfer operations
  • Fire response and rescue
  • Hazmat response
  • Oil spill response
  • Bio hazard response
  • Consulting
  • Rail car cleaning

Water Emergencies

Ram provides specialized emergency response services to those who store, transport, handle, or produce oil and other regulated and non-regulated commodities. We are proud of our many years of experience providing spill response and environmental regulatory compliance services.

Ram owns and operates a vast amount of specialized oil spill response equipment and vessels pre-positioned throughout our client’s networks and strategically positioned areas of identified risk.

  • Training
  • Pre booming and standby
  • Commercial dive teams
  • Transfer operations
  • Hazmat response
  • Oil spill response
  • Shore remediation
  • Vessel cleaning
Tiger Dam™ is completely reusable, and is the ONLY system patented to connect together to create an impervious barrier for miles, in any shape (circles, 90 degrees turns etc.) and is the ONLY system that is stackable, from 18 inches to 32 ft. in height.

Tiger Dams™ are 1/2 the price of sandbags on their first use. Each dam replaces 500 sandbags. Tiger Dams™protect our environment with no environmental damage.

Tiger Dams are water filled bladder technology, when deployed properly, this system may be able to divert up to 100% of floodwaters. Our System can be assembled within minutes using floodwaters or any water source.

Ram Environmental Response is the preferred national deployment contractor for Tiger Dams.
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Fire Suppression

Ram provides fire suppression, tactical response, and scene control and mitigation. As every event is different, and each event provides further education and understanding that improves the team’s ability to handle the next event when it arises for our clients.

  • Flammable Liquids fire fighting
  • Industrial fire fighting
  • Fire standby protection
  • Fire risk assessment
  • Fire Suppression Rentals
  • 24 Hour Emergency Response
  • Wildland Urban Interface
  • Structural Protection
  • Logistics Support
  • Mop Up
Standby Medical:
  • Advanced First Aid
  • Occupational First Aid
  • Registered EMR’s
  • Registered EMT’s

Our Partner

Duke Fire Services Inc is the industry leader in fire suppression technology. Duke offers a state-of-the-art mobile fire suppression system that has revolutionized the market.

Our Fleet includes skidded, wheeled and fire /shower combo units that provide turnkey foam fire suppression. The Duke Hellfighter® uses ultra high pressure and AFFF foam that delivers continuous fire fighting capabilities.

We ensure peace of mind for your most valuable assets.

Emergency? Call our 24-hour Response Line.

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